What differs the vacuum massage from other types of massage.

The usual classical massage has powerful action on the body. The mechanical tension of tissues during the usual massage alter the structure of cells in some way, as a result they begin to secrete the so-called regulators of regional blood flow - histamine, prostaglandins, etc., that are necessary for the effect on capillary blood circulation. The number of functionally active capillary after the classic massage session can be increased in 45 times, and the volume rate of blood flow in them in 140 times! Researchers have almost unanimously notice that thus accelerated output of metabolism products and eliminates stagnations in tissues.

But with all the classic techniques of massage effect doesn't get further superficial of tissues. To reach deep structures, where accumulates and strengthen the stagnant during lifetime, only with hands it is not possible, even if the hands are strong and skillful. As well as not possible deep plowing the soil with a shovel. To do this we need a special tool - a plow, which is able to get to the desired depth.

Such "tool" that "plows" the deep musculo-fascial structures, is a vacuum massage. And the impact during the course is energetically more powerful and effective. It is clear: the depth of soft tissues working out directly depends on the strength of influence.skin.jpg

Thus, the benefits of vacuum massage to the classical:
• The deep work out of tissue: by the depth of impact on soft tissue this technique is unique.
• long-term effects: one session has an effect within 3-5 days.

The therapeutic effect of vacuum therapy is also associated with:
• active lymphatic drainage and vascular "gymnasts" which occur as a result of horizontal-vertical pressure difference;
• structural and functional upgrade of tissues and body as a whole, ie, the rejuvenation of the body;
• exchange-regulatory processes intensification, which resulted in intense "burn" and reduced fat, body weight  reduces.

And thus, the vacuum therapy method is absolutely physiologic, harmless to the person and is a universal remedy of rejuvenation.