Vacuum-therapy in case of cellulite and obesity

In this section we will talk about body fat on hips and buttocks - the so-called "field breeches."

Briefly experts define cellulite as adipose tissue structure change. Due to irregularities of metabolism, crashes process of blood supply, the tissues are washed with lymph bad, which means that the decay products at the cellular level is not fully utilized. Under the skin are formed microsmall knots which then disappear. As a result, the skin becomes bumpy and with light compression starts to remind an orange-peel.


If cellulite is called as the local fat deposits, the obesity is a fat deposits that occur throughout the body. The problems of obesity is known from antiquity. Even ancient physicians Hippocrates and Galen expounded in his writings dietary recommendations for obese patients.Now excess weight "burdens" inhabitants of many countries. It is connected with changes in the structure of supply and notleast with a stress. People trying to resolve cellulitis and obesity problems around the world with a variety of ways, mainly through various diets and special exercises. However, the problem is not so simple.


Vacuum massage with adjusting diet and physical exercise is fraught with truly endless possibilities to combat obesity and cellulite. In recent years, cosmetologists began to practice this method. The effect of vacuum massage is much higher compared to other ways to combat obesity, and this is achieved through active release of soft tissue from the toxic metabolites and activation of metabolic processes.